Month: September 2015

Featured Member: Gus Phelps


Gus Phelps, Vice President, Summit Partners

How did you end up in your line of business?

For the past 30+ years Summit Partners has been known primarily as a growth equity and venture capital investor. Almost six years ago, the firm hired Todd Hearle and Jamie Freeland to lead a cohesive, six-person team with a long history of working together, to launch a dedicated credit investment team. The efforts of the team dovetailed nicely with Summit’s 20-year institutional history of subordinated debt investing experience. Since inception, the group has grown substantially and I joined when the team was ramping up to expand its investment capacity for future growth. Before Summit, I had started and run my own my own business after getting my MBA and had experience in business development and sourcing, all of which were beneficial to the credit team. I am very proud of the culture at Summit and am honored to be a part of this team.

How did you first get involved & what inspired you to join ACG Boston?

I think ACG Boston offers a lot of value to its members both regionally and nationally. Among other things, ACG provides a platform for getting to know industry peers face to face, a forum for deal sourcing, and a common framework to discuss industry ideas, best practices, and potential changes. In 2012, I was President of the Boston Securities Traders Association, which was a regional group of about 600 members that was part of a larger national group of over 5,000 members – very similar to the structure of ACG. In this leadership role, I was able to have direct impact on the financial services industry by meeting with our elected officials both locally and in D.C. to effect change on current financial legislation. I was amazed by the power of the organization to bring people together not just for vocational reasons, but also as a force to support the good work of many charitable endeavors. These positive experiences inspired me to join ACG Boston.

What’s the best advice you’ve ever received?

To quote the great philosopher W.S. Belichick, “Do your job” and try to improve every day.

What is something people don’t know about you?

I finally won a pie eating contest last week after placing second and third in my previous attempts.

What is your most satisfying professional accomplishment?

The next one! But ringing the closing bell on both the NYSE and NASDAQ was also pretty special.

What is the best vacation you’ve ever had?

I just had a pretty incredible summer with family and friends in Chatham and the Adirondacks which was hard to beat.