Month: January 2016

Featured Member: Josef B. Volman


Josef B. Volman, Partner and Co-Chair, Corporate Law, Burns & Levinson LLP

How did you first get involved with ACG Boston?

I came to Boston in 1999 after spending my first 8 years as a lawyer in New York.  When I first joined Burns and Levinson, the marketing director told me that I had to build a network and that I should join ACG.  I went to my first breakfast and remember Jack Derby up at the podium telling us to trade business cards with the people in the room and it has been a great organization for me ever since for building professional and personal relationships.

How did you end up in your line of business?  

I was at Tufts and in my senior year I was interviewing for jobs and also applying to law school.  I got an offer from Andersen Consulting that I was seriously thinking of accepting, but my parents convinced me to go to law school.  When I was in law school I was lucky enough to be a summer associate at a law firm in NY and met one of the greatest lawyers I have ever known, Arthur Siskind, who took me out to lunch and said I should join his department and become a corporate lawyer.  He went on to be general counsel for Rupert Murdoch’s company and I did many fun deals with him.

What’s the best advice you’ve ever received?

One of my mentors told me that no matter what I was doing, I was in the business of building good will and that I should approach my professional and personal interactions that way.  Personally, someone once told me to “never turn down a good invitation” and I try to live by those words.

What is something people don’t know about you? 

I used to be in musicals in high school and my most favorite role was Nathan Detroit in Guys and Dolls.

What is your most satisfying professional accomplishment? 

One of my clients  unfortunately was diagnosed with cancer and asked me to sell his business quickly rather than going through a sale process and hiring an investment banker.  I had just been introduced to someone looking to buy a business like his, so I put the two together and he sold the business to him in a matter of weeks and focused on his health.  All parties were very happy and I am happy to say that the client is healthy.

What is the best vacation you’ve ever had? 

I love to travel and am fortunate that my wife and kids share my love of travel, so I have been to some amazing places.  For my 40th birthday, I sent an email to several of my closest friends and told them that I would be renting a villa in Italy and just needed to know how many bedrooms it needed to be and that if they took care of the flight, I would take care of the house.  I ended up hosting 6 couples for a week of great food, wine and company in Tuscany, and it was really memorable.