Middle Market Investment Bank MHT MidSpan Changes its Name to MHT Partners

New name and logo represents the next stage in the 15-year-old firm’s evolution—its commitment to serving entrepreneurs and innovators stays the same.

Dallas, TX, (Nov. 1, 2016): Middle market investment bank MHT MidSpan today announced that it is changing its name to MHT Partners, effective immediately. The firm, with offices in Boston, Dallas and San Francisco, says the new name will help streamline its messaging as a unified national brand. The name change will be accompanied by a new logo and a new website at http://www.mhtpartners.com.

“Our name change simultaneously communicates that we’re a firm run by partners, and a firm that works as partners with our clients,” said Mike McGill, Co-Founder and Managing Director, MHT Partners. “We’ve built our reputation over the past 15 years by partnering with entrepreneurs and innovators in a variety of sectors, and moving forward our focus remains the same: to be the preeminent advisor to innovative, niche market leaders.”

“We recognized this was a time to update our branding and our website,” said Patrick Crocker, Co-Founder and Managing Director, MHT Partners. “Within that discussion, we saw this as the right time to simplify our overall identity and unify our corporate voice. Needless to say, MHT MidSpan was a bit unwieldy, and while it originally served its purpose, we felt the time was right to shorten and simplify our name.”

MHT MidSpan was created by the merger of MHT Partners (based in Dallas and Boston) and San Francisco-based MidSpan Partners in 2013. The new MHT Partners branding is designed to build on the firm’s name recognition while offering a simpler way to communicate with the market. “When we came together as MHT MidSpan, it was natural for clients in Dallas to use ‘MHT’ as a shorthand and those in San Francisco who knew ‘MidSpan’ to still use that name,” said Craig Lawson, Co-Founder and Managing Director, MHT Partners. “Moving forward, we want to communicate in the clearest way possible that we’re one firm, with one focus, operating coast-to-coast.”

Added Shawn D. Terry, Co-Founder and Managing Director, MHT Partners, “Since the merger, we have deepened our resources, developed a strong internal culture, and expanded our reputation for client-driven success. Now, as MHT Partners, we are communicating with the market as a national firm that’s ready to embark upon its next stage of growth.”

About MHT Partners: MHT Partners is a leading national middle market investment bank focused on representing industry leaders in growth markets. The team at MHT Partners assists clients with seller advisory, acquisition advisory, corporate finance and strategic advisory assignments. We are exclusively focused on catering to niche market leading companies across a range of dynamic industry verticals (business & information services, education, healthcare services and consumer growth sectors). With a tightly integrated combination of Wall Street, middle market and strategic consulting expertise, we are uniquely qualified to serve the distinct advisory needs of our growth-oriented clients. We bring these combined skill sets to bear in every engagement, creating maximum value for each client through thoughtful positioning and creative deal structuring. As owners of our firm, we think like entrepreneurs, and we bring an unparalleled level of passion and intensity to every transaction.

For more information, visit http://www.mhtpartners.com


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